Sunday, April 25, 2010

I decided not to lie...

...the last 48 hours have been utterly disappointing on many levels. First off, Friday, as we know was the day I was supposed to get 2 Currants from 4H at a local school. This sort of happened.

My wife and I drove up to the Elementary School, I went inside to the office and was escorted to the gym. I was then immediately shot down from my Earth Day happiness when I was told they only had 1 Currant for me and they could refund my money or I could pick something else. Being that they did not have much else to pick from, I went home with 2 Lupin. It seems the nursery that brought the plants in from 4H picked the wrong quantities and I was the only one who didn't get a full order.

Being that I know some, but not all Lupins are edible I went with them, but as I passed the salt water tank filled with sea stars and 1 sea urchin I couldn't help but wonder if I just caused someone to be as screwed as that sea urchin (food of sea stars). All I know is despite the fact that this was for charity, I am unsure if I will participate in the future. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy supporting local schools and the 4H, I just don't like being screwed over during it, or unintentionally screwing over others.

Day turned to night, and night back to day and Saturday slapped me with more disappointment. The chronic pain made it not possible for me to walk and do the Mushroom trip at the Slough I was at 2 weeks ago. This upset me and the Mrs. since we were looking forward to this for weeks. However, there was an upside.

We found a sack of potatoes that started to eye up tremendously, so we planted them in the garden for a 2nd set of potatoes this year. As for what goes on today... ..only the future knows.

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