Thursday, April 22, 2010

I hate slugs as much as chronic pain

Chronic pain can make one forgetful, as in the case of yesterday. I had thought I had blogged, but alas, it seems I did not. All I got accomplished yesterday was breaking my weeder (the tine bent 90 degrees in the wrong direction) and built a single terraced stair in the back of the house area. Which now needs some compost, top soil, and some ground cover plants.

I did also plant a Geranium plant in the keyhole vegetable garden area. Today I need to make sure I set up 2 spots for Currants to be planted tomorrow which I receive as part of Earth day from the local 4-H chapter. Currants are great for us to eat, but also attract birds that eat my arch-nemesis... the slug as well as other fruit & vegetable eating insects.

Predators of slugs include: small mammals, snakes, spiders, amphibians, birds, carnivorous beetles, other slugs, and humans. A predatory nematode, Phasmarhabditis hermaphrodita, is being sold in Europe and Britain for slug control. Hence why a varied garden with all types of insect attracting plants, bird and small animal attractions are good. Over time, the slugs will be controlled by natural means, such as our new property guest, "Roland" the Opossum. Our friend told us about Roland last month when she visited but my wife and I only met Roland last week. I can only hope Roland starts doing a better job because in my opinion, a slug is worse then a deer or rabbit in a garden patch.

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