Sunday, April 11, 2010

More fruits in the food forest....

Thanks to going to the class yesterday I learned that I have 2 more berry plants then we thought we did, and we have a lot of them. We have learned that the river area is littered with Elderberry trees which make excellent jams, jelly, fritters and more. We also have Salmonberry on the property. This puts us at nearly 30 types of perennial fruits and vegetables on the property which I look forward to harvesting & using with friends.

The teachers of said event yesterday taught about disease in the area amongst the trees, why native plants are very important, and how they use no herbicides or pesticides since they grew up and evolved with the native fauna of the area.

After a short hike to better learn native plants and discuss harvesting techniques the class potted up cuttings of various plants and were able to take some home. I was able to bring home a wild strawberry plant from the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve. I hope to introduce it amongst a new bed of strawberries to give the fruit a more wild flavor of old. Perhaps in the future I will plant more wild fruiting types as well since I love strawberries. It was given to me from a local botanist of the area named, "Dennis" where he wild strawberry took over his lawn.

The idea of that in several places sounds great to me. In 2 weeks I go back to learn about wild edible spring mushrooms. I really look forward to this since it seems we will be collecting on the trails. Well, gotta get to work outside.

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