Monday, April 5, 2010

No Hail!!

Yesterday was the first day that it hadn't hailed several times in one day allowing me to scramble outside and work till I dropped from pain.

I continued demolishing the new greenhouse area. I started with removing many plants to the herb spiral area and elsewhere as well as planted a Flowering Gooseberry. I also kept removing stones & pebbles, bucket by bucket to the small formal Asian garden area. I am looking to eventually grow some shitake mushrooms in this area.

Then I found some broccoli munched heavily by slugs, so they were moved to a safer area and wood ashes spread around. When I checked this morning they appeared to be doing better.

I also built a stair (one of a great many) in the orchard area since the land slips eastward, which leads me to the easy work I did. I ordered some organic buckwheat seeds. These will be broadcast sown in the orchard area upon arrival. After flowering it will be chopped down and used as green mulch as it crowds out weeds.

Right now I am taking a pet to the vet and it is raining. I am unsure how the weather will be today and how much outside work will get done.

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