Thursday, April 15, 2010


I started this when I first moved in. I have been slowly surveying the grounds and what plants are where, slope of the land, major structures, tree, plants, etc. for planning purposes of the landscape. While removing debris yesterday I discovered planter boxes in the vegetable keyhole garden area. I look forward to finish mapping this area and planning for the future such as a wind energy, passive solar heating, green house, gray water recycling & planning out life cycles of the the trees here for the next 100+ years. When planning out permaculture, we should plan out that far ahead, trees & forests have natural life cycles.

For example, in the orchard, we started putting in leguminous trees in between the fruit trees so that they provide nitrogen via bacteria in their root system. I.E. - Free fertilizer for the life of the tree. Tomorrow I will continue to remove debris, and surveying this area since next Friday (Earth-day) we are planting 2 Red Currants which we are getting locally from a natural plant sale. This will make 2 types of currants we will have on the property. Yum yum!

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