Thursday, May 27, 2010

Our First Organic Produce!!!

My lovely wife claims she has poor observation skills but while going down the hill to fetch our mail she found the salmon berries have ripened in many places on our property. They have a kinda citrus taste to them, slightly tart (she says "green"). We ate a couple and then started to make a Sour Dough Starter for making bread. It's a fairly simple process that keeps on giving so long as I maintain it.

First off, I started with 2 cups of whole wheat flour but any kind will do, and I happened to add a couple of pinches of flax meal. You don't have to, any kind of flour will do. To it I added the water from the pasta I cooked at lunch. I stirred it up nice and frothy and then dropped in unwashed salmon berries in order to get the wild yeast going. It was then covered with cheese cloth, & left in a fairly warm place a.k.a. the kitchen. I now need to stir it well once a day at least. In a few days, I will have wild yeast growing in my jar for cooking bread! More on that and beyond as it happens. Tune in right here. ;)

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