Friday, May 21, 2010

Poor lil trees....

I remember when McKay's got the little bare root trees and shrubs out in front of its store a few months ago. Those trees are still there at the same price! Poor little guys (and girls) need homes to provide wood, food, and so on.

Well, enough ranting. I did manage to pick up some brush (carbon compost) near the home late yesterday. It is being used to fill in the berm built a couple of weeks ago. I am letting it decompose naturally so as to provide shelter for small animals and birds. The berm will also help provide water to that area which is good for everyone as it sinks back into the ground.

Lastly, I am hoping to get more composted soil at GG Ranch today, but the phones seem to be down over there. I blame this freak storm that has brought pain to everyone I know with arthritis.

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