Saturday, June 5, 2010

Daikon are exploding!

This is a daikon radish, the kind you would find in a sushi bar or being smoked by Iron Chef Morimoto. 2 of them have exploded in size over the last week while most of the others are only a few inches to high to 6" at most.

The 2 I speak of are over 2' in height and both are beginning to flower. These radish are excellent for helping to break up the clay soils of the Pacific Northwest since the root can reach 3' long in depth!

Speaking of depth... wow, the mind still reels and boggles at the amazing gardens & village at Mountain Homestead here in Coquille. They have been working on Permaculture here in town for nearly 2 decades and today they had an open house with a potluck lunch.

I brought potato salad to help out and helped myself to some pizza made in thier cob oven, as well as some carrot salad with home made hot sauce for a little kick. The food, the company, and the people were great. After lunch I went on a tour of Cob Village and learned about cob homes, green roofs and so on. I believe everyone in attendance be they from New Jersey, Vermont or locals had a great time. I know I did.

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