Sunday, June 20, 2010

LoL, the cob oven moves again....

I was talking with my lovely wife and explained how I felt cramped and claustrophobic slightly with where she and I had the cob oven, 2 rocket stoves and grill were going. So, even though I saif it was the last time being moved, all the rock and urbanite debris moved once again. This time it isn't moving again... Really. I mean that... STOP LAUGHING! ;)

I have also found my ol Boy Scout Field-book and started trail blazing once again on my property in the quest to find 42S! Switch backs, etc are being slowly cut which has lead to a great realization. The thimbleberries are ripe & that means I get to go foraging today.

Sadly, as I said last week Oregon DOT cut down a lot of plants along 42S. Sadly, in an area that didn't need the cutting, a grove of thimbleberries were cut down. This means less food for the native avian life that would normally be there. As such, I will need to leave a few exrtas around when I go forage today.

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