Thursday, June 24, 2010


One of the first rules, laws, techniques, what ever you wish to call it of Permaculture is 0bservation, which, to many seems simple enough. I know it reads simple enough as I write this blog out for you.

However, my former education in sciences leads me to know that is a falsehood. Most people are not very observant at all. Ask any cop about details of a crime from someone and they can tell you exactly how unobservant we are in reality.

Which leads me to yesterdays observation. We have California Quail that visit the property regularly via paths from the old growth forest nearby. They take the trails through the brush to avoid the Cooper's Hawks. Well, the quail are welcome here anytime. I observed them acting akin to chickens in a tractor over a garden bed. The Quail walked over to my strawberry bed yesterday, and scratched the whole area up looking for something to eat. Being that I hoped that they eat slugs I figured I would look them up on this amazing thing we call the Internet.

"This attractive game bird inhabits broken scrubby habitat (perennial shrubs broken by spaces with annuals) where it has access to cover and to annual food species, mainly legumes (members of the pea family). Quails also like fruit and seeds from buckbrush and poison oak."

Luckily, this is a new bed of strawberries so they did not get any. However, I was amazed this morning to see how many other places they scratched up looking for something to eat. I am also thankful they are scratching up the dirt killing weeds for me.

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