Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Started building the cob oven

I gathered more "urbanite" or rather concrete debris and rocks to keep building the foundation of the cob oven, rocket stoves, and etc. Some of the larger rocks have been moved up to 8x while the Mrs. & I decided where the cob oven and outdoor cooking & dining area would be going.

Also yesterday my peace & tranquilty was destroyed by the sounds of Oregon DoT as they worked on a landslide that occurred on the border of my property and the road. They also decided to do what they thought was right and trim the trees, and other plant life along a cliff side. Sadly, this is was most likely done because someone told the workers to and no one gave it another thought due to chances of losing a job.

IMO, this is not a smart practice by any means. When you cut a plant or tree its roots die off, and as such, the soil it was holding becomes unstable. As such, it is my opinion that this practice encourages slides along Highway 42S between Bandon and Coquille.

The best thing to do, and the scientists at South Slough agree with me is to leave it alone! Just trim branches in the way of traffic, cut down to the stump dead trees if they are a hazard, but by and large leave it alone so the wildflowers will have the proper root structure to hold up the hillside like they have for thousands of years prior to any humans settlement in this area.

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