Sunday, August 29, 2010

I apologize...'s been a few days since I posted. I have been logging on my property, collecting food, and cobbing. All of which are tiring time consuming work. Beginning of the week I dropped 10 trees, removed the brush, cut the poles for beams and construction later on. All are stacked.

I also did multiple layers on the cob kitchen. The BBQ got a thermal layer while I experimented with putting bottle windows in the cob. It's turning out great and the BBQ cooks like a champ since it uses the rocket stove principles. However, I am very much into the research that the now deceased Vicktor Schauberger was into, as such, the thermal layer of cob was curved a bit in order to help make the fire vortex naturally and consume the wood even slightly more effectively then a normal rocket stove. In my opinion, it works very well, and is highly efficient. More studies need to be done on this approach to rocket stoves.

I also gathered, with the help of a friend or two at times a few GALLONS of Blackberries, as well as apples. Time to get canning, but instead I have to finish up the cobbing by around the first for when the fire bricks get here.

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