Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rocket Cob Oven???

I saw a video on YouTube about a man's rocket cob oven that was cleaner burning. Since I am all for that I changed gears mid-construction and worked on it. Today I removed the form for the chamber where the air remix happens. I was relieved (top photo) to see the cob lip that will help with the remix had held.

So, I removed the rest of the tarps and checked for damage after the storm. Luckily there was none so I got right to cobbing since today would most likely be the last day for a while which saddens me greatly.

Not only is the clay detoxifying, but the aerobic exercise is very low impact and good for me. Yet, despite that, I am angry I might miss my goal of having this ready for Thanksgiving. It honestly does not look like that will happen so I pushed myself today.

I mixed cob today for the first time with boots on. It sucks, I hate it. You cannot get a good feel for the mixtures consistency wearing boots. This troubled me, but I kept working anyway since it is in the low 50's.

In short time I made a batch, & started applying it. Slowly at first and then working over the arch (white plastic bucket is a form in the pic) and then over the wall. By the time I was done with the batch I was glad my friend made the fire. My arms ached from the cold, and my hands couldn't close anymore. Enough of this, time to warm up, and start cooking dinner over the fire.