Saturday, October 23, 2010


Sorry for not blogging but when last I wrote I mentioned that I may need to go and do an animal rescue. Here's the story. A couple not too far from here took a turn for the worse. The husband has had Alzheimer's disease and had to be put in a home. Devastating turn for anyone. However, the wife recently had a stroke and can no longer take care of herself.

The wife was moved in with her son in Texas or some such place, but they left the dog! The poor dog, who was much loved, sat, and laid, and patiently waited for its owners that never came. The neighbors all knew what happened and started talking about putting down the dog!

Euthenasia for being loving? That's her reward? I DON'T THINK SO!!! So, hopped in the car, drove out and got the dog. She instantly lit up at my wife and me, like she knew we would come and rescue her. Queenie, the dog, a black lab / Chesapeake Bay Retriever came home with us last night and slept next to me all night.

Things here will never be the same, but I ask you, are they ever from one moment to the next?

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