Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Can Boston Have Something to Teach Coos County About Apples?

In an amazing turn of civic renewal I am proud to let you know about a little story I came across. It seems in Boston, a bunch of people are getting together and planting heirloom apples in the streets with a party planned for the harvest a few years from now!

Wow, what an amazing idea that could be carried over to the River Walk!!!!!

Here are 2 quotes from the article I found.

Art meets civic action in a project launched this month in Boston that focuses on community and environmental health -- and apples. The Boston Tree Party's goal is to improve urban areas by planting 100 pairs of heirloom apple trees across Boston with the help of citizen groups of all kinds. Participating tree party delegations -- faith organizations, schools, hospitals, businesses and other community groups -- receive an apple planting kit and access to apple experts, aka pomologists, to learn how to care for their mini-orchards. Groups that have access to land to plant partner with those who don't.
I don't know about you, but that sounds like an excellent way to give everyone access to free healthy food while at the same time preserving a national heritage. Well, there's more, it concludes...

The Tree Party does not end with planting. Five years from now, a harvest festival is planned, where nature and community will be celebrated with the sweet fruits of this project's labor.

I toast my apple cider to their success!

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