Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Open Letter from Sepp Holzer

Herr Sepp Hozler is someone I admire. He is a true farmer in the best, & truest sense of the word, but I prefer to think of him as a caretaker, or Warden of the Earth. The man farms unlike any other I have ever seen, and it works better then any industrial agriculture, on a hillside, in the alps of Austria.

On Herr Holzer's website he has put up for all to see:

Short abstract:
Open Letter to Members of the Political, Economic and Scientific Communities.

The presenting problems and my proposal for their solution:
We come into the world, usually in a sterile hospital where immediately, our natural roots are cut. We are then inoculated and nursed with a chemical cocktail and begin our journey into and through an unnatural world, increasingly severed from Nature and from natural processes. Instead, would not a natural birth in the circle of one's family and a natural childhood be the correct start for the future life of a young person? And should not every planetary citizen have the birthright to their own piece of earth upon which they could develop and maintain their essential need to be nurtured and sustained by their natural environment? I maintain that a land reform which confirms these realities is long overdue. By growing up in insulation and isolation from Nature and our Mitlebewesen, the creatures co-existing with us, we lose the natural relationship to our environment. Growing up in symbiosis with plants, animals and humans, however, enables an experience of meaningful belonging and sharpens the task and ability to act as a thoughtful individual, the task of mastering the challenge of Directing rather than Fighting. By observing the life all around us, our Mitlebewesen, do we discover that Nature is perfect already and that Creation has considered everyone; that everything is in relationship one with the other and that there is nothing to improve.

The whole letter you can find here >>
That is one powerful abstract. The entire letter is equally powerful. I can't but help agreeing with it after I have learned all I have in life. My entire life experience has led me here, from learning marine biology, building ponds & large scale aquariums, terrariums, and vivariums as well as the lighting and filter systems... ..and that was prior to college... learning about Mr. Fukuoka & trying his techniques for several years in a ghetto in California. Sepp is dead on IMO with what changes are needed world wide, but will we listen.

Herr Holzer's website in English can be found here.

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