Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chooks have landed! Ahhhh!

Yesterday I was at Coos Grange with the Mrs and picked up some pullets. I have never owned living chickens before, but I am sure it won't be as hard as cranky Amazon Green Parrots or Macaws that I have met in the past.

We picked up 2 aracaunas (green or blue eggs), 1 buff orpington (brown eggs), 1 barred rock (brown eggs), & 1 golden laced polish, the kind with the big puffy hat (white eggs if a hen but this one could be a rooster as this type was unsexed). Eggshell color has nothing to do with what is inside, which tastes the same to 99.9999% of the population.

It's been nearly 24 hours, they are doing well in their new home. Later today I am going to be holding and petting them according to my wife, but for now, it is time for more coffee, and time to be a Perma-blitzer and get out on the land again & do some work!!!

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