Saturday, June 25, 2011

NY Times Not So Zen Farm

The NY Times has a current article called, "Zen Farm" which is a home & was a working Amish farm. I will admit the property of 150 acres is wonderful to look at for someone into Wabi Sabi, however, that is even incorrect for a description of the place since it breaks the principles of Wabi Sabi by not using what was around.

Yuppie decorating Feng Shui is another way to describe the property, which I don't mind. It's America, it's their place, but on page 17 of 22 there is an image and I quote,

Darrell Frey, a permaculture expert, is the Farm's property manager, resident philosopher and facilitator.

This actually upset me. Not one image showed ANYTHING dealing with permaculture, in fact, it shows the exact opposite. Everything appears to have been trucked in due to being bought off the internet. In a time Permaculture principles are, "Earth Care, People Care, People Share," doesn't mean you are supposed to go out and buy foo foo items to make your place look good enough for the NY Times Home and Garden. I guess this is the kind of depraved depths of Permaculture I will have to deal with in the future.

I utterly disagree with this property being a permaculture property, it's nothing more then someones fancy home, which is their right as Americans... ..and my right to whine about it on the internet.

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