Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dr. Oz falls short of the Apple Tree

According to KCBY,

Dr. Oz accused of fear-mongering on apple juice.
EUGENE, Ore. - A popular juice is getting a bad wrap after TV show host Dr. Oz investigated different apple juice brands and found what he calls "high" levels of arsenic in the beverage.

Dr. Oz hired an independent lab to test five different well known brands of apple juice for the hazardous substance. The apple juices that were tested include Minute Maid, Juicy Juice, Gerber, Apple and Eve, and Mott's.

In my opinion, Dr. Oz is off the mark and didn't go nearly far enough with regards to health. He's worried about arsenic, something naturally occurring in apple seeds which will & has caused panic.

This is short sighted by far. He should of gone after High Fructose Corn Syrup, because, and to quote Huey Freeman, "High Fructose Corn Syrup, It WILL kill ya."

Recently there have been misleading corn sugar ads on TV about this. HFC will kill you a lot quicker and do more damage to your body in the long term then juice from apples will.

Dr Oz, you fell short, way short.


  1. Just want to point out it is cyanide which is naturally occurring in apples (in their seeds). Arsenic is used as a pesticide.

  2. I do not use pesticides or any -icides what so ever on this property.