Friday, December 9, 2011

A Christmas Example of Permaculture

This morning I awoke in tremendous pain & I wondered to myself laying next to my wife what the local tribes from here to Ketchikan, AK would do for Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), aka the Winter Blues or simply depression. Since I know longer live in a tropical climate, I am removed from the foods I know help with depression such as the king of all fruits, Pineapple.

As I wandered amuck in a daze as I do every morning I thought of the Native Alaskans I have met in my past & what they would have to do at this time of the year. When I remembered my friend in Juneau just told me she had 50" of snow last month, followed by several days in the upper 40's. & I got to work with making the morning fire. It's still below freezing at the time of writing this blog, feeling the blues myself, and then I read about someone giving away FREE Christmas dinners.

I became humbled by the owner of Monkey Business Food to Go's of Charleston, OR words,

"I think Christmas to a lot of people is a depressing time. Like when you have children, you never have enough. You think "I wish I could do more. I wish I could do more." So you are depresses. It's my solution to depression. There's nothing like looking at somebody and smiling and say, "Merry Christmas" and give them a hot meal.
Monkey Business will be giving away Christmas Dinners for the community again this year. Last year they shocked the Coos County community by doing it all themselves, this year they got support of Coquille Indian Tribe, and numerous private and corporate donations.

The whole article can be found here. What a wonderful example of a community coming together like they used to. It's an example of people working together, it's an example of Permaculture community values, it's an example of the holiday spirit.

This will keep me going till the Eclipse tomorrow morning.

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