Sunday, December 4, 2011

Disaster turns to Providence

Well, this morning I was told the trees aren't available. That blows, however the nursery owner is sending me a special present which I will report on when it gets here.

On the flip side I started scrambling for what to do in order to have the trees for my Pacific Northwest Linda Woodrow type mandala garden.

Isn't that a mouthful? Need to work on the name of that, anyway, I wound up going to Fedco Trees and downloaded the catalog. After negotiating with my CFO (wife) we are going to save and purchase the "Small Yard Edible Landscape Collection"

Having an edible landscape is only 1 part of Permaculture, and it is the part most people focus on. Perhaps rightly so since good, healthy food is so important to survival.

In this collection, Fedco will be sending me:

2 dwarf apple trees
3 blueberries
1 table grape
2 dwarf pie cherry trees
3 honeyberries (Lonicera caerula) - insectiary plants, and edible fruits
2 elderberry - insectiary, bird attracting, wild life attracting, edible fruits
2 large hipped rose - insectiary, bird attracting, edible, high vitamins & bioflavonoids

This should all arrive in Spring, and should plant 1/10th of an acre. I would get one of the other 2 collections, but proper design of the property must be done first!

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