Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Heritage Apple Continued

I got another e-mail this morning about the apple tree. I found out it came from Rhodhiss Community west of Hickory, NC. So, I decided to look up the community and its history, after all this apple tree which is now part of Coquille, OR did like so many others from the East Coast and came all the way to Oregon when many many others that came cross country got tired, bored, or lazy and stopped half-way to the paradise that is Coos County!!

Rhodhiss has a smaller (much) community then even Coquille. As of the 2000 census they had a whopping, Three hundred and Sixty Six people living in the community, however they have one remarkable (at least to me) interesting fact.

The material of the U.S. flag that astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin erected on the first visit to the Moon in 1969 was woven at Burlington Mills in Rhodhiss.
How is that for the history around a little tree that came out west?

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