Saturday, December 10, 2011

Heritage Apple Tree arrives in Coquille, OR

1 heirloom apple tree is due to arrive today and take part in the Mandala chicken garden I have going. Thank you Linda Woodrow!! :) The heirloom apple tree variety is called, "Horse Apple."

At one point in America the US had an "Horse Apple" variant in nearly every county of the South, and East Coast. However times have changed for the worse with food over the last 100 years so I, and others are dedicated to bringing back healthy food.

Think about it, America alone used to have over 5000 varieties of apples, and in the Supermarkets you now see MAYBE 5 if you are lucky.

This is just one of the ways I am fighting back for healths sake.

I would like to thank Tom Brown of North Carolina for supplying me with this heritage breed of American apple tree. If you would like to see what Tom Brown is offering in terms of Heritage apple trees, visit him here at his website.

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