Monday, December 19, 2011

Jailed for having a kitchen garden & worse

People please wake up. Between the current NDAA law in congress and people being jailed for having a kitchen garden there is a serious problem in the country.

A teacher in Memphis, TN on his own time, taught inner city youth how to garden, grow food, compost and so on. The teacher nearly lost his home. However this isn't the first time either a tragedy like this has occurred.

... in a similar case in Michigan earlier this summer when a mother of 4 faced a 93 day jail sentence for her garden.
Here is the link to the article.

Between this and the NDAA law, it's beginning to be like Pre-WW2 Germany.

Think about it, you or a loved one could be indefinitely held (against our Bill of Rights btw) against our will in a place like GITMO or worse, without trial, for any reason. That's what the NDAA law is all about. Scary times.

I hope & pray Obama has the courage Truman did when this similar bill was brought up during the McCarthy era.

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  1. From what I gather the problem wasn't that he had a kitchen garden, but rather than he did not have meet other standards, like not having standing water in which mosquitoes could breed, and he had vegetation spilling out onto the sidewalk. The problem was never having a garden, but not meeting other standards of health and safety that could easily be violated with out a garden.