Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rare Apple Trees Coming to Coquille Soon

Attempting to buy heritage / rare apples at the moment. I picked 2 varieties, and the owner picks 2 rare ones as well. Not a bad deal for money off per tree. Anyway, these are the descriptions of the 2 I picked.

Bushy Top---medium to large, round and slightly pointed, green with red stripes, slightly dry, tart, ripe September. Some of the top branches tend to grow vertically. This is the same type tree as the former largest apple tree in the eastern USA, the Handy Apple Tree (Bushy Top), which produced 110 bushels of apples one year..
Junaluska---medium to large, round to slightly flattened, dull yellow with streaks of russet, some occasional red blush, yellow flesh, ripe October. A historic apple associated with the famous Cherokee, Chief Junaluska.
I wonder what the owner of the nursery will pick?

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