Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Unveiling the New Tractor for 2012!!!

This 4 chicken powered tractor is on a "bench," which is essentially a large tier. As you can see from the labeled picture below I have blueberries and rhubarb growing on the bench above the current tractor position. In the background are a plum and cherry tree as well.

The tractor is 7' in diameter and has so far handled 30+ mph gusts like a champ! This particular model is made of 4' high rabbit fencing, wrapped twice, and then 1" chicken wire wrapped once & connected to 1.5" poly pipes with cedar handles. A roost, nest box with handle, food and water round out the model. This unique tractor costs us a whopping $31 to complete since most of the materials were here on the property just lying around being under utilized.

I want to see another farmer spend so little on a tractor that fertilizers, mows, and kills bad bugs like slugs without the use of any -icides or use of chemicals / petroleum products for cheaper!

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