Friday, February 24, 2012

12 different fruits on 3 trees

I picked up 3 Espalier trees today with a minimum of 4 types of fruit per tree. These are all going in my Mandala garden along the outer edge.

The first tree is of multiple pears, mostly Asian types. They include Tsu-li, Kikisui, Chojura, Hosui, and Bartlett. Asian Pears in general are more crisp like apples and have aromas that range from pineapples, & brandy to butterscotch.

The next was a multi-apple. These include Spartan, Summerred, Cortland, & Red Macintosh.

Lastly was another of multiple pears, mostly European. This tree includes Bartlett again, Commice, D'Anjou & Flemmish Beauty.

So, in order to recap, I have a 30' Mandala made up of six fruit trees, where the chickens visit each tree every 12 weeks to fertilize and more. In front of these 6 fruit trees is a separate kitchen garden as well. All in all, very soon I will have so much fruit & vegetables I won't ever have to buy any chemical laden food again not to mention being a investment that is better than giving money to Wall St.

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