Saturday, March 3, 2012

I got non-stop work!

Tire foundation for the Aviary / Greenhouse has been laid out and earth ramming of the tires has already started yesterday. The gap between 2 tires in the front is where the fowl will exit from the aviary into the gardens of the property. The aviary will be connected to the shed via extension which will act as a 3 way gate system. Storage area, greenhouse area, and the aviary. Talk about stacking functions! Not to mention between the aviary & greenhouse the amount of heat for the house will go up. Lot more work to go.

Oh, and the long wide low bush in the background is St. John's Wort and marks where the property starts to drop in its terraced cliff system (another work in progress). Enjoy.... although I know it isn't much to look at.I am working on this in between cutting firewood from coppice trees for next winter, and planting the kitchen garden plots. This is certainly cheaper then riding a bicycle and going to work out at some gym on a stationary bike. ;)

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