Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It is official; I passed!

It is official, I got the certificate in the mail today.

I passed my Introduction to Permaculture course, and have started the next portion of my 72 Hour Permaculture Design Course training. However this comes bittersweet, yesterday we sustained a lot of wind damage around the property, lost the chicken tractor completely, and lost most, if not all of a fruit tree.

Other trees crashed around the property, and roadside, on 42 S appears to have been several lost trees as well. Today it is raining and melting the snow which I can only hope will lessen the amount of damage caused by the freak snow storm, which was supposed to be rain!

Incidentally, any one else realize the best job in the world must be a meteorologist? What job can you be wrong every single day and still maintain a steady salary?

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