Sunday, July 22, 2012

How to make a functional Orchard without Chemicals

I already have Scions on the mind, (not the car) and I was thinking of next spring.  We plan to graft & grow 20 fruit trees at a minimum next spring & I went to FedCo Trees to check on a new Scion list.  Instead I found something wonderful to share.

They made a great PDF on the polyculture apple orchard they are making on  1 acre.  Some of the plants include but are not remotely limited to are blueberries, nettles, clovers, dill, chives, asparagus, daikon radish, bee balm and so much more.  To see the diagrams you will need to download a 5 page pdf.

This system can be used with chemicals, but honestly, you don't need to.  The chemical Ag age is over, time to rebuild our soils & clean the waters.

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