Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Television Show I Would Actually Watch

Back in 2003 when my partner and I were living under horrid conditions we watched a television show on Discovery Channel that kept showing us that you can actually have fun with your house on the inside and bring it outside.  In the short time of 5 days several people would get together and renovate a home under a theme such concepts as Pirates, Surfers, Bali, NYC, Vikings or Mobsters.

That show was called Monster House, hosted by Steve Watson.  A no non-sense general contractor that made sure everything was up to code and the project was given back to the home owners on time no matter what, and rewarded those that finished ahead of time.

Well, it came to me in a flash today, what about a show that Permablitzed a home or property?  They go in, help retrofit the inside and outside for self-sufficiency for people that want it. Special episodes can be to help the elderly or public / animal parks. 

With peak fuel consumption, resources running out, and self-sufficiency being important in times of local crisis, shows like this only serve to strengthen the American infrastructure & local communities.

Ah well, I can dream....

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