Monday, March 29, 2010

Lazy Rainy Day....

...well sort of. It started like any other day as of late, that is, with rain. I donned what rain gear I got and headed out to look at the new keyhole bed of veggies & around the property. I found another pile of wood debris from construction around the house and a passage to my foundation. Boarded that up while taking a mental note of more things left by the previous land owners. Then removed about 40' of hog wire fencing from the house around the area of my pump house which has left an odd flowing feeling in my wife and I.

The area used to feel oppressive and stagnant, and we suspect the area was fenced up as some sort of dog run. Now the fence line is open, and feels freely flowing when there. Hard to describe, but utterly wonderful.

Which naturally lad me to thinking about water as I often do and the Austrian Forester & Scientist Viktor Schauberger. I watched his theroies in practice today as white birds over the distant winter lake took to the air in between cycles of intense and low pressure rain. I also thought about all the clear cutting I have seen since living in Oregon and what it is doing to the water supply and planet.

Weather or not you believe in global warming does not matter here. What does matter is this little story about Schauberger. He and some others walked up a mountain to find out why ((It just started hailing here for the 2nd time in an hour)) a specific spring stopped flowing with water. When they got there, they saw that the spring area had been hacked and slashed of all its trees, brushes and ground cover plants. So, they re-covered the spring area as best they could with what they had around them. Long story short, the water came back.

The point I am making is as we humans change the landscape around us thinking we are doing better then the Earth has, or doing it for profit there is a consequence. Lately, that consequence is water. We have deforested countless areas, and the moisture that used to be there has gone away, as such, the Earth will do what it has to in order to compensate. Water will hide till the forests come back, be it by us leaving land alone, repopulating areas with new trees, or what have you.

Well, enough esoteric thought for now. I am going to go have some organic home made ice cream from a hand crank ice cream maker. It is actually the best ice cream I have ever had, and to think... was a test batch for when a friend comes up this week. Bye all!

PS - It stopped hailing and now it is raining cats and dogs!! :)

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