Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting back on track...

Well, the ISP was down because my client was corrupt. Meh, I miss high speed internet. The town of Coquille might have it, but its out lying areas sure don't and it sucks. However, enough of that. Onto the amount of work that went on.

The truck died, so we got a new one. We found some alder wood shavings being given away which promptly got composted. Then we got a load of composted garden soil from GG Ranch for only $15. It took me a full day to spread it over the herb spiral garden, the keyhole vegetable gardens, 1 tree, and the sisters garden. We plan to get lots more. Currently growing in the vegeable beds are Kholrabi, cabbage, artichokes, bok choy, napa cabbage, 3 kinds of potato, runner beans, leeks, asparagus beans, 2 kinds of hops, spinach, Walla Walla onion, garlic, strawberries, pumpkin and other squash, calendula, tomatoes, sunflowers, daikon radish & more because this does not include the various berry bushes, grape vines and fruit trees.

Upon careful observation we also noted that the slugs are staying away (for now) from all vegetables since the soil was added on top of the vegetable beds. Which leads me to the next bit of news. After much talks with the Mrs. we scrapped the idea of the greenhouse along the south side of the house for heat, and decided on three 6' wide, 8' long raised vegetable beds which will be hooped not only for warmth and slug control, but also to keep deer out.

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