Sunday, May 2, 2010


Friday I had friends come over. Saturday I tried to get to a nursery but the truck broke down on 42S heading into Bandon. It got towed & today I started hacking and slashing a trail to find the way to the road via the North Slope with a friend.

On the way down we discovered this property was most likely farmed for cedar trees. We found some very large stumps and other signs of former logging. In addition I found an old shovel head with the wood rotted away. Some small fire wood logs were collected for next year & lugged back up to a log drying rack by the main house.

We did make one path to a large Thimbleberry patch. I should be able to collect some soon since I found some on some plants. Tomorrow we are going to clear out some blackberry and fell a tree for fire wood, and more.


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