Monday, June 14, 2010

Body and Garden Recovering....

Thursday I left and went to help friends with a wedding, the bachelor party, and the drinking of much libations. It is now Monday, recovery of my body is going well despite bottles and bottles of Organic Mead being drunk at a medieval wedding complete with belly dancers from far off lands.

It is a good thing my friends don't get married often... ..I would hate to put my body through what it did for several days in the central valley of Oregon. However, I would do it again and again to help my friends out since the wedding was such a blast.

However, when I came home, my greenhouse, such as it is, had come off its moorings and flew down the orchard getting damaged and 90% of my crops inside of it were killed. The fence around the veggie beds were also interestingly damaged. It was as if a bear walked into the fence and decided to turn it into a hammock!!!!!

Yesterday I spent the day fixing the damage around the property and making a "sponge" of grains to turn into bread later today with the Sourdough Starter we now have bubbling away here.

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