Thursday, June 10, 2010

Removing Invasive species...

In Oregon the plant English Ivy, Broom, Butterfly Bush and others are on a list made by the State that says they are bad for the environment. Much better then saying a plant has no medicinal value and then suddenly recanting.

I am torn on the invasive species problem. I have seen "invasives" destroy the bay of San Francisco & delta but on the same token, but flip sided, I believe people should be responsible and make sure what they buy doesn't invade its neighbor's yard.

However, that is one of the great problems right now world wide. We have plants and seeds, be they natural or genetically modified that do just that. There are modified corns out there that REQUIRE you to use chemicals just in order for them to work, and when it comes pollination time, your plants pollen then crosses with the corn down the road, literally destroying the plant and making it unusable. This is the reason I only use NON-GMO seeds and Heirloom seeds for my food production.

Needless to say, I removed bags and garden carts full of Ivy from my property today. Time for some coffee and some sourdough hotcakes!

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