Saturday, July 24, 2010


While tilling I came across a very loud clank. I stopped the tiller, looked down and found I was trying to till over a cement thing. This is odd I thought to myself so I cleared the top away with a shovel.

Then I learned it was the start of a wall or foundation. So I busted out the mattock and cleared it away. Came to find an 1' long, 6" wide, 18" deep blocks were oddly placed in the near middle of the veggie garden.

It took a while, but they all got out yesterday. Near as we can figure it, we think it was put in as what a person would set an RV on top of. So, a sorta foundation was discovered buried in 1' of earth. Now I have to go back and till more today prior to going to see "Willow" at the Egyptian Theater tonight.

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