Thursday, July 22, 2010


Despite what my body wishes, I need to get this tilling and plant beds finished. I am trying to as best I can. However yesterday I was disrupted by going out and running errands & getting the best damn burger in the county of at Forby's. in Coos Bay.

Incidentally, the DOT landslide area I described yesterday may not of been the full cause, but certainly a very possible factor since the area I described is a mere 50' away from the slide. Given the geology of the area, the 2 are very possibly linked. Oh well, life moves on.

Keeping all this in mind as I make the beds, I am still trying to figure out the best way to set the rows given the limited sun light for this area in winter. I must adhere to rule one, observe. Observe the land, which way the water want to flow, will I need diversion ditches and so on. I also need to keep in mind the video had 20" walkways, and a minimum of 10" height for the beds. This too is foremost on my mind.

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