Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have been reflecting on the landslide that occured in Coos Bay / North Bend on 101 near "The Mill." Over winter I remember seeing trees at the top of the hill, and then they were cut down, as was the brush.

Over time I saw black plastic go down over the soil with tires on top. Time moved on.

Now I for one am not surprised at all to the landslide occurring. The trees being cut and removed killed all the roots which were holding the soil in place. Then adding plastic on top to further kill any grass, weeds, etc just made the problem worse, just as I reported would happen if Oregon DOT kept up using herbicide on hillsides after clear cutting the trees and brush with chainsaws.

Well, it is in the past now. Nothing we can do about it but sit in traffic while it clears. As for what is going on here, there has been a lot. The keyhole veggie garden got the vegetation cut down on Monday. Tuesday I bought fencing from Coos Bay Grange, and worked on removing the veggies from the keyhole vegetable garden. I also tilled most of the soil and started building the raised beds.

Now I will finish the raised beds by moving the soil via a rake or shovel and then I will re-till the paths in order to increase the height of the beds as per the videos that were posted recently.

See you tomorrow. :)

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