Saturday, July 17, 2010

Still at it....

Well, both Oregon DOT & I are both at it, all be it at different jobs. Let's start with Oregon DOT. The other day, as I drove from my orchard towards (Koh-Kwill) Coquille on 42S I saw Oregon DOT spray a herbicide within several hundred feet of the Coquille River.

I mst admit I was ravingly upset for a while as I saw this. Right now, that same herbicide is leeching itself into the Coquille River getting into our drinking water, and the fish that people catch. This can, and often does lead to cancer of various types especially for the sprayers, no matter how well protected they are. Sadly, my wife and I were afforded to protection as they sprayed by us. If you think that cancer from sprays such as this cannot happen to you, or your children I encourage you to look up the film, "Food Beware."

As for what I am doing, I am busting my butt protecting my garden as best I can while trying dig an area for cob while leveling it out for a new cistern. The strawberries recently lost all the tops of thier leaves thanks to the deer. I also lost the top of a new granny smith apple tree!! I guess this is pruning for the future by nature.

I will admit one thing that has nothing to do with permaculture nor permaculture ethics. Right now I am indulging in some much needed coffee from Fat Tuesday's here in Coquille as I right this. The Milky Way coffee made by "Chris" the amazing while he is holding down the fort while Winchester Bay has its Oceanfest.

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