Sunday, August 15, 2010

A day by the creek...

Had a friend stop by and pick me up to take me down to the river near Myrtle Point. We picked up another friend who as been physically under the weather, and shortly after a small hop, skip and jump we were there.

We gathered some rocks for the cob walls, and some river silt / sand that is good for cobbing. The rocks got placed when we got home. And the river sand was divided into some buckets to try out ratios of sand to clay for cobbing.

After words, we ate some spare ribs that were marinated in a dry rub of salt, sugar, thyme, sage, black and red pepper. Then it was parboiled to remove the excess fat, followed by a nice soaking in homemade BBQ sauce. Some ash potatoes and ribs, followed by homemade fresh ice cream. What a great easy, slow weekend.

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