Monday, August 16, 2010

Squishy Cob!

No not ears of corn. I am talking cob, glorious cob! The stuff homes and parliament buildings are made out of. This morning I got my ingredients together to make my first test batch. I used a 50:50 ratio of river sand to clay sub soil.

I then added water to make it all soupy. After tromping around a good long time I started pulling in the sides of the tarp I was making it on in order to ensure good proper mixing. Once that was accomplished I slowly started adding straw that I had here already.

The straw indeed does soak up a lot of water. I then started mixing as I did above. Pulling the sides in with the tarp while it smushed around under my feet. After a while, I was sure it was well mixed.

I then made my test brick and set it down. I covered the rest of the cob I made up with the tarp to see if it will be used. I don't know and neither do you, unless you took classes at Cob Cottage.

I wonder if my test brick is too wet?

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