Thursday, August 12, 2010

Seeds planted...

As per the videos I posted, I planted seeds for cover crops and food production via a scatter method on top of the wheat straw. It made no sense to me, as per replicating nature, that seeds would get a gentle tossing of fresh compost or soil. I am ensuring the straw is moist, but not soaking.

The beds have Cabbage, turnips, spinach, onions, turnips, radishes planted weekly through Aug 30th via seed. Plants that were already here are being allowed to go to seed. Blueberries and strawberries are finally starting to ripen and I am picking roughly 1/2 a pint per week at the moment.

I still need to finish that fence. >.> Oh, a nice mix up on my part. I wanted ramp seeds for under my fruit trees. Ramps being related to the garlic family and live in shady areas. Kinda perfect for my needs. Well, I screwed up and ordered West Essex Rape Seeds, which deer seem to love & is related to kale & cabbage. It provides great green mulch, the question is where to plant it on the property since I already have a fawn, doe and a 4 pt buck visiting the property. As well as Elk in the pasture below. Any of which can come through the fence and have a nice feast.

Oh, one other thing. Hairy Vetch was planted as a cover crop through out the beds. This plant provides nitrogen into the soil freely. This is a bonus for all other plants!

Until next time!

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