Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today I went to Coos County Solid Waste Station between Chareleston and Bandon. I came home technically richer for getting rid of my garbage. Taking garbage to the dump yourself is huge savings. For example, this is the 3rd time I have paid $14 this year. 3 x 14$ = $42. Normal garbage delivery service here is roughly $30/month or $360 a year.

So, most people will pay nearly $400 this year in my area for garbage removal, and I will pay at most $56 this year, a savings of roughly $300!!! On top of this, I saw a huge stack of flower pots of all shapes and sizes on the way in. Asked if I could have a few. I was told to take as much as I need because Coos County doesn't recycle that type of plastic.

I left with 4+ garbage cans filled with good flower pots of various sizes and shapes, including a few terra cotta pots! I totally scored in my humble opinion and so did the county. These flower pots will get used, and they are staying out of a landfill. It's win for everyone. So next time you need some pots, go hit up the County waste station and not Walmart.

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