Saturday, October 2, 2010

Getting ready for Seed Balls!

Getting ready for Seed Balls! That's right, seed balls. They are a good way to get seeds ready by providing a little extra umph!

I am setting up to teach a friend how to make seed balls with me. What I got together today was Dwarf Essex Rape Seed (For Biomass), Aslike Clover (Nitrogen Fixer, Deep tap roots loosen subsoil, increases potassium and phosphorus), Austrian Winter Pea (Nitrogen Fixer, attracts Beneficials, loosens topsoil), and Winter Rye (High Biomass, supresses weeds, loosens topsoil, prevents erosion, and makes nutrients such as potassium and phosporus available as green mulch).

This will be mixed in up coming days with clay, and humus that contains benefical fungi, and other soil organisms into balls with all the seeds mixed together with it. The balls will be left to dry, and then broadcasted in the orchard. The seeds will be protected by the clay / humus until the rains come in which time they will germinate. Thanks to the a fore mentioned clay and humus, as they germinate, they get a little boost of nutrients right when they need it.

This method was one of the ways M. Fukuoka grew his grains and rice together in the same fields with amazing success. This will be my first time. Heh.

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