Monday, October 4, 2010

Crabbing and Surfing

Crabbing and Surfing, that pretty much sums up the day. While in Bandon this morning, listening to everyone from Canadians & Californians, to locals. No one was having an easy time catching crabs this morning.

All the old Salts believe that the crabs are outside the bar, waiting for the storm energy to dissipate in order to come in. The Bandon crabs, for the most part, have been fairly lean with the meat, and everyone today was catching females or serious baby crabs and tossing them back unhappily.

Which, turned my attention to the bar as I watched wave after wave slam the mouth of the river make walls of white water across the entrance to the bay. No one was going in or out, not today anyway. Naturally, this means SURFS UP!

9' waves at 8seconds coming right in from the Bering Strait in Alaska. The storm energy will continue to keep the crabs out of Bandon till later in the week, and then cut the supply off again by weekend. Best days to crab this week will most likely be Thursday and Friday. Someone let me know ;)

I surfed Face Rock and battled a hell of a cross current for hours. Next time, I am trying Bullards.

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