Friday, October 8, 2010

The long day...

Spent the morning going through salvaged wood and local driftwood to make shelves for the kitchen. Then lifted, by hand, 25'+ long alder trees from the lower part of the property up to the drying racks closer to the main house. Then, went and got sand for cobbing, followed by cobbing. I am pleased to say the rocket stove section is done! Then I ran out of straw and called a neighbor for sale bales in order to keep going with the cob kitchen. However, I stopped earlier then I would of liked and tarped the area since the local weather reporters expect rain tonight.

Part of me would love the fall rains to start coming, since I know this is good for the salmon. However, I would also like the bar to lie down in Bandon so I could go crabbing and actually catch more then mothers with children. I also started researching Sepp Holzers terracing techniques in Austria as well as what Nike is doing in the Philippines helping local people terrace hills for more food and to help with soil erosion. Fun, tiring stuff!

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