Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New visitors, new worries for the planet.

I don't have my permaculture project open to the public per say. It is not complete by any means, let alone show worthy. Everything is in what appears to be a state of disarray but it is actually semi-controlled chaos like water swaying over a flowform.

This year I have had the County Fire Marshal, several neighbors, a couple from L.A. and Berkeley, and more just to see the prelim stuff. I have some minor things to show such as Huglekutlure, swales, my cob outdoor kitchen and so on.

However I will admit that I am most proud this year of the cob oven. I still needs work as does the entire outdoor cob kitchen but it is functional, and that is important to reducing my carbon footprint. I know that's a buzz word for a great many people. However let me ask you all this.

What do you think might happen if the entire planet suddenly shifted its axis a few inches? Think there might be odd storms and such? Maybe I should get my ass in gear.

According to National Geographic in a recent issue solely about water on our planet, the new superdam that is being constructed will do just that as it floods its plain behind the dam. I am not referring to a magnetic pole shift, that is scary enough. This is a shift of the actual axis due to new weight from water put someplace by man it never was intended to go. Think about it.

Update - Chili Earthquake did change the axis of the planet?


Ok, if that's a few degrees, what will a few inches do? Anyone know?

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