Sunday, January 16, 2011

Biochar revisited, A future for Coos County?!

Eric Knight posted about my little biochar experiments. In case you missed it, here is what he had to say,

Field Trial Data Base; The new version of BiocharDB has been released! To see it, please visit

The Guide to Conducting Biochar Trials

The Guide to Conducting Biochar Trials is a 32 page document that covers all aspects of designing and setting up a biochar experiment in a nursery or field plot. It covers quick and easy methods for testing biochar suitability, designing replication and controls, how to do soil testing and how to analyze your results.

Good Luck,

I am currently downloading the pdf file to read and absorb. Thanks Eric!

For those of you that missed it, biochar is a great way to improve your soil or pasture, without chemicals, over the long term (several hundred years). Improved pasture conditions are win win for every farmer no matter what they grow.

Biochar has had my mind reeling into very esoteric ideas around the acreage. For example, what about mixing it with worm beds to inoculate it? What about a Vicktor Schauberger compost system with biochar?

I wonder if Coquille will ever get a biochar plant? If I had the money I would certainly bring one here! :D

In fact, a biochar plant would do more for the long term for Coos County, be it for the farmers, the dairies, the cranberry growers, the people in the valley from Coaledo to Myrtle Point. Here, take a look at this.

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