Saturday, January 15, 2011

Doing some reading during biochar days.

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River expected to flood Sunday & Monday.

While waking up this morning drinking in my infusion of caffeine to jump start my brain. Good thing too because the book "Smart Permaculture Design" by Jenny Allen is more then a book filled with pretty pictures & insightful, amazing information on permaculture gardening. There was a passage that really spoke to me & resonates with me each time I go into town be it Coquille, or all the way to Coos Bay & Northbend.

To paraphrase, the author went to a friends orchard and was delighted how nice everything looked, it was brilliantly green, and she plucked an apple fresh off the tree & happily bit right into it as many of us would.

The farmer on the other hand pulled out his knife after plucking his own apple and started to cut the skin off with precision as if he had done this for a long time. Meanwhile the author ate happily reveling in the juiciness on a warm late summers day. She then asked, "Why are you cutting off the skin?"

The farmer remarked, "I never eat the skin anymore, I know what I spray on it."

Food for thought isn't it. It is for me and makes me wonder each time I walk into Safeway.

Stay green, & peace be with you.

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